What is the story of BIG HEAD STORE?

”BIG HEAD STORE“ is a young and fashionable brand founded by two young designers. Their inspiration comes from street culture and independent music, and they aim to bring this unique style to more people through their designs.

Initially, the two designers shared their design works on social media and received a lot of love and attention. As their designs became more popular, they decided to open their own brick-and-mortar store to better interact with fans and offer more product choices.

To make their store stand out, they named it “BIG HEAD STORE,” meaning that everyone has a unique big brain that can hold unlimited creativity and ideas. They hope to inspire customers’ creativity and individuality through various design works displayed in the store.

The decoration style of the BIG HEAD STORE is simple yet modern, with walls covered in hand-drawn illustrations and graffiti by the designers. The store displays various clothing, accessories, and small items, all designed and made by the designers themselves.

In addition to selling products, the store also regularly holds art exhibitions and music performances, providing a platform for local artists and bands to showcase their talents. This has also made BIG HEAD STORE a community space for creativity and art.

Today, BIG HEAD STORE has multiple branches nationwide and is considering entering the international market. Their design philosophy remains consistent, insisting on bringing unique, fashionable, and creative products to customers, making it one of the most popular brands among young people.


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