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The Tale of the “BIG HEAD” Brand

In a distant small village, there lived a young man. Endowed with natural intelligence and a penchant for creativity and adventure, he harbored a deep affection for designing and crafting unique products, yearning to showcase his talent to the world.

One day, he had a brainwave and decided to establish his own brand. He believed that with his distinctive designs and high-quality craftsmanship, he could bring an entirely new fashion experience to his customers. And so, the “BIG HEAD” brand was born.

The name “BIG HEAD” originated from him understanding of courage and confidence. He believed that everyone should possess a daring mind and a firm belief in pursuing their dreams and goals. Hence, he hoped that his products would symbolize this courage and confidence, making users feel unique and extraordinary.

The “BAD BOY” brand was founded by a group of young people who are passionate about street culture and free spirit.

This team believes that everyone has an unyielding heart, no matter what background they come from. They decided to use the name “BAD BOY” to symbolize the pursuit of passion, courage and the spirit of rising in adversity.

The “BAD BOY” brand launches a range of fashion, sports and leisure products, including clothing, shoes and accessories. They pay attention to design details and quality and strive to provide customers with comfortable and stylish options.

The success of the “BAD BOY” brand is inseparable from their attitude of focusing on innovation and continuous progress. They work with various sports programs and community events and are committed to spreading positive lifestyles and values.

To this day, the “BAD BOY” brand still maintains its unique style and influence. They work tirelessly to bring high-quality products to their customers and shape their brand image by inspiring people to pursue their dreams.

The story of the “BAD BOY” brand is one of courage, passion and self-expression. It encourages people to transcend their limitations, pursue their goals, and express their true selves.

The “Astronautron” brand story begins with a love for space exploration and science. The founder is a young dreamer who is full of curiosity and passion for the universe. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the magic of space and be inspired and entertained by it.

The founder began to think about how to bring the charm of space to more people. He decided to create a brand based on creativity and design that could integrate the theme of space into daily life. Thus, “Astronautron” was born.

“Astronautron” is committed to creating unique and creative products, including clothing, accessories, homewares, etc. Each product is inspired by the spirit and elements of space exploration and is crafted using modern design and high-quality materials. Whether it is planet-patterned clothing, astronaut-style backpacks, or space capsule-shaped lamps, every detail shows the unique style and quality of “Astronautron“.

In the early days of its launch, “Astronautron” faced challenges and difficulties. However, through continuous improvement and hard work, the brand has gradually won people’s love and recognition. Customers were attracted by its unique design and resonated with the spirit of space exploration conveyed by “Astronautron“.

Today, “Astronautron” has become a well-known brand, attracting a large number of consumers who love space and science. A brand not only provides products, but also conveys a positive attitude and the courage to explore the unknown. “Astronautron” hopes to inspire people’s imagination and curiosity, letting them believe that as long as they dare to chase their dreams, they can surpass themselves and explore the infinite universe of possibilities.

In ancient times, human beings were full of curiosity and desire to explore the universe. In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe, a group of scientists and engineers decided to create a brand new brand to advance space exploration.

They named the brand “LunarProbe“, which means the exploration and research of the moon. The brand’s goal is to design and manufacture high-quality spacecraft and probes for the exploration of the lunar surface and other planets.

The team of “LunarProbe” consists of a group of scientists, engineers and technical experts full of passion and expertise. They are committed to developing advanced technologies and innovative solutions to address challenges in the space environment.

The brand’s logo is a spaceship pattern that symbolizes the spirit of exploration, integrating elements of modern technology and futurism. This logo symbolizes the mission of the “LunarProbe” brand, which is to promote human understanding and development of the universe through scientific exploration and technological breakthroughs.

Products under the “LunarProbe” brand include various types of detectors and spacecraft used to perform different tasks, such as geological survey, resource detection, environmental monitoring, etc. These products have undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure stable operation and accurate data in the extreme space environment.

Over time, the “LunarProbe” brand has gradually become a leader in the field of space exploration and has made important contributions to human exploration of the universe. Whether scientists, astronauts or ordinary people, they can rely on “LunarProbe” brand products to realize their dreams of space exploration.

The story of the “LunarProbe” brand is one of courage, innovation and infinite possibilities. It encourages people to transcend boundaries, bravely explore unknown areas, and open up new paths for the future of mankind.

Our Team

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Roger Jones


Bianca Oliver


Mike Miller


CEO Goals

As a young fashion brand, “BIG HEAD STORE” has clear corporate goals. The following are the main goals of the company:
1. Provide unique, fashionable, and creative products: We are committed to designing and producing unique fashion products to meet the personalized and unique style needs of young people.
2. Establish a stable brand image: We hope to make “BIG HEAD STORE” a recognized and beloved fashion brand among young people through continuous brand building and market promotion.
3. Expand market share: We plan to further expand our market share and enter the international market by opening more physical stores and online sales channels.
4. Provide high-quality customer service: We focus on interaction and communication with customers, strive to provide high-quality customer service, and establish long-term stable customer relationships.
5. Support local artists and bands: We are committed to providing a platform for local artists and bands to showcase their talents and support their development and growth.
6. Focus on sustainable development: We will actively take environmental protection measures, choose sustainable materials and production methods to reduce the impact on the environment, and encourage customers to engage in sustainable consumption.
By achieving these goals, we hope to continuously enhance the brand value and market competitiveness of “BIG HEAD STORE” and become the preferred fashion brand in the minds of young people.

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